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Motherwell Tank Gauging for Radar Guages & Servo Gauges

Manufacturers of High Accuracy Tank Gauges and Custody Transfer Tank Gauging Systems your one stop solution for tank level gauging requirements. Our products include.

SIL-certified Tank Overfill Prevention Systems

High Accuracy Tank Gauges

Our Radar Gauges And Servo gauges are designed for use in custody transfer tank gauging applications and exceed the requirements of UK weights and measures standards for tank gauges

Tank Monitoring Systems

Tank gauging system for oil terminals refineries and other bulk liquid storage facilities

Our Tank Gauging System is used worldwide to monitor tank farms and refineries of all sizes.

Tank Overfill Prevention

A range of SIL-certified solutions with options for automated safety response.

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Mechanical Level Gauges

Our mechnical, float operated gauge gives an accurate, continuous measurement of the tanks liquid level and are acceptable for weights & measures purposes.

Storage Tank Fittings

Motherwell offer a complete range of Tank Fittings Including

Agent Networks

Motherwell Tank Gauging is not just available to the UK we have a worldwide agent network. Contact us for your nearest supplier.

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We are a certified by BSI who are a leading global provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval information

Tank Gauging - A range of technologies to suit all storage tanks. Including Valve Control and Monitoring Systems. Our gauges include Float operated Mechanical Gauges, High Accuracy Servo Gauges, High Accuracy Radar Gauges Overfill Protection - All our overfill protection products will link to our Servo Gauges, Radar Gauges and Tank monitoring systems

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  • Motherwell Tank Radar Gauges Chosen For The Bangladesh Market

    Motherwell have been awarded a large contract for the supply of a RADAR TANK GAUGING SYSTEM by the country's largest stakeholder in refining and marketing.

  • Testimonials

    We wanted a company who could provide us with a complete tank gauging system, Motherwell provided all our tank gauges and were able to provide all the tank fittings as well as a comprehensive after sales maintenance package…