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mPuls Radar Level Gauge

Safety Integrity Level Radar Gauge or Radar Level Switch,

mPuls radar Level gauges also known as a radar Level Swicth provide level measurement to an accuracy of +/-3mm and carry functional safety certification to SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2 ). With mPuls the same transmitter can be used for high or low level switching (Overfill Prevention) and tank gauging or continuous level measurement.

  • Level Accuracy ± 3mm
  • Level Measuring Range 0-30 Metres
  • Suitable for use with the range of modern storage tank designs
  • Optional tank top or remote graphical display.
  • Electrical Safety
    • ATEX II 1G, 1/2G, 2G EEx ia IIC T6;
    • ATEX II 1G, 1/2G, 2G EEx ia IIC T5+
    • ATEX II 1/2D IP6X T6 (tamb = -40oC to +80oC)
    • ATEX II 1/2G, 2G EExd ia IIC T6 (tamb = -40oC
      to +80oC)
  • 2-wire Fieldbus
  • Compatible with MTG SILguard Overfill Prevention Systems

SILguard Overfill Prevention Systems

Level Alarm, Overfill Prevention Systems, Safety Integrity Level Software

SILguard safety integrity level software overfill prevention systems  provide effective, reliable overfill monitoring with options for automatic shutdown and SIL2 certification.

The user interface can be supplied in the form of a standard annunciator window display, or as a site mimic.

Features of our Overfill prevention system

  • Compatible with the range of MTG level switch technologies : vibrating fork, radar and float switches.
  • End-to-end test facilities, eliminating the risk of damaging system during testing.
  • Clear, unambiguous front end display with option for site mimic or standard annunciator windows.
  • Range of sounders and beacons including Exd and Exi certified devices.

Options for our Overfill prevention system

  • Option for automatic shutdown facility for valves, pumps, etc..
  • Option for SIL2 certification of the entire system, including analysis of Client operating and maintenance procedures.
  • Choice of platforms : Non-programmble Logic Solver or Safety PLC.

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